The Memorable Day: October 20, 2017!

On July 18, 2017, I posted “10233. Remember that number.” WB Michael asked for how long? Until now! On October 20, 2017, he became a police officer for the Phoenix Police Department! He has fulfilled a lifelong dream!



This is his Police ID card, badge #10233

ID Badge


Here is the class during the ceremony. There were recruits from police and sheriff departments all over the state of Arizona. Andrew is just to the left shoulder of the speaker.



My brother Manny, who has been an officer of the Phoenix police department for FORTY FIVE YEARS (!), presented Andrew with his badge onstage. This is the only picture I have of it, but I do have a small video I will be posting. Manny is the reason Andrew became an officer, ever he was a little boy.

Badge Presentation


After Manny presented Andrew with his police badge, I had the honor of pinning it on him!

Pin 1


“Don’t worry, son; if I screwed it up, you can fix it backstage.” He was wearing a bullet proof vest. I could not have drawn blood if I wanted to!

Pin 2


The PROUD father with his son!

Proud Dad


And, of course: the proud uncle!

Proud Unc


Here we both are, flanking the new Officer!

Both Proud


Taking the Oath of Office



Andrew with his beautiful wife, Brittney, and their son, Aiden. They are expecting a little Bambina in February!



My mother, Andrew and me.



Angelo & Nicholas asked for, and received, special permission to wear their Dress Blues for the occasion. They wanted to wear them to honor their brother!






His Aunt Terri made him a special cake! Wow!



Aiden was getting a little tired. His shirt says,

"My hero wears blue."

We all agree!



Congratulations, Officer Andrew Cocco! We all love and are so proud of you!